MAPAX® - Modified Atmospehere Packaging solutions

Food manufacturers are always looking for ways to extend shelf life without altering the physical or chemical properties of foodstuffs or adding any unnatural ingredients. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is the ideal way to achieve this. It is a natural method that is rapidly growing in popularity worldwide. In many cases, it can also complement alternative preservation methods.

We have developed a range of application-specific packaging solutions under our MAPAX ® brand. Synergizing the vast knowledge we have gained in food science, gas mixtures and packaging, MAPAX ® extends shelf life – the natural way. 

With MAPAX®, you can:

    - Increase sales by satisfying growing demand for fresh and naturally preserved products
    - Extend shelf life without chemicals or freezing
    - Increase shelf life in the distribution chain by days or even weeks
    - Retain taste, texture and appearance
    - Enhance production and distribution efficiency by cutting costs. 

Tailored packages

We deliver a range of MAPAX ® solutions for diary, meat, fish and seafood, as well as for dry and prepared food products. 

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