Acetylene bundles with acetylene plant in Leuna in background

Acetylene Gas

The hottest and most efficient of all fuel gases.

Acetylene gas available in cylinders and bundles.

Acetylene is a highly-versatile fuel gas making it the gas of choice for processes including cutting, gas welding, flame heating, flame gouging, flame straightening and brazing. Customers buying acetylene from Linde receive industry-leading standards of safety.
  • Features of Acetylene:

    Features of Acetylene:

    • the hottest and most efficient of all the fuel gases, increasing productivity 
    • uses oxygen efficiently, reducing costs 
    • lighter than air, so will not accumulate at low levels, and is safe to use underground 
    • low ignition energy 
    • low moisture content flame 
    • non-toxic (may cause dizziness in high concentrations).
  • Applications of acetylene

    Applications of acetylene

    • Cutting, Brazing and Heating    
    • Thermal spraying of various metals and ceramics. The material to be sprayed is fed through the flame.    
    • Flame cleaning - a wide oxyacetylene flame is held very close to a steel surface to be cleaned.
    • 040C cylinder has Type 25 outlet connection
  • Acetylene supply

    Acetylene supply

    Acetylene is supplied in multiple cylinder sizes (0.57m3 to 9.01m3 capacity).

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