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Medical gases

Linde is dedicated to providing pharmaceutical and medical-grade gas products and services that enable healthcare professionals to deliver optimal therapy for their patients in hospitals, clinics, intermediate care centres, emergency centres and patients’ homes.

Linde Gas provides following medical gases: 

    Medical oxygen – compressed in cylinders and liquid medical oxygen 
Medical oxygen is widely used in every healthcare setting, with applications from anaesthesia to inhalation therapy. 

    Medical Carbon Dioxide – compressed in cylinders
Medical carbon dioxide (CO2) has various medical purposes. It is used as a pure gas or in specialised mixtures with other gases in stimulating breathing, anaesthesia and sterilisation of equipment. 

    Medical nitrious-oxide – compressed in cylinders. 
Nitrous oxide is commonly used in anaesthesia; its use improves the quality and safety of induction of anaesthesia, facilitates faster recovery and reduces costs.

LIV valves and cylinders image to be used for LIV campaign

Cylinder innovation: LIV - Linde Integrated Valve cylinder

Linde has introduced lightweight integral valve cylinders – LIV. LIV cylinders have a built-in pressure regulator, easy on/off handwheel and integral flow selector.

It is designed to make cylinder operation and the task of medical gas administration easier for healthcare staff, as there is no need to attach a regulator. Pressure is precisely released and controlled. 

With a wide range of flow settings, you can accurately select the treatment to meet the patient’s  prescription.

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